Rev. Angela Jernigan

Angela Jernigan, M.Div., is a community-based minister, a parent educator, an artist, and youth and parent advocate in Berkeley, California. She has twenty-five years of experience in the fields of youth development, parent education, and community change.

Since 2011, through her private practice, Rev. Jernigan has worked with parents, care providers and community leaders from all walks of life to create conditions that support young people to thrive. She also teaches courses and engages in community change work through The Family Spirit Center.

Prior to her direct-service work, Rev. Jernigan spent the first twelve years of her professional life working in the non-profit sector as a researcher, trainer, and organizational consultant working on local and national efforts to improve the life trajectories of some of our country’s most marginalized youth and children. This work involved researching, developing, and testing new models to support the advancement and empowerment of these populations, so they can succeed in their lives. Her clients included Public/Private Ventures, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Community Network for Youth Development, Vanguard Management Group and Community One Consulting.

Rev. Jernigan holds an honors degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where she received her BA in Sociology with an emphasis on the social construction of race and poverty. She hold a Masters of Divinity from Starr King School for the Ministry at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. In 2012, Rev. Jernigan was ordained with the Northern California Conference of the United Church of Christ.

parent coaching​

I accompany parents in the struggles and joys of raising kids, and helping to cultivate a culture of connection, respect, and mutual enjoyment in your life together as a family. I nurture and guide you, as you nurture and guide them, so that they can bring their giftedness & care to shine in our world. I work with parents of children, youth, and teens to [read more…]

Soulcare session

Soulcare sessions give parents, therapists, teachers, and care providers a place to return to the seat of your authentic self. Soulcare sessions are a safe place for people of any faith tradition, race, gender, or life orientation, to reflect, metabolize your life experiences, befriend your inner shadows, and come home to wholeness, self-belonging, and renewed connection with the sacred (of your understanding). These sessions are an investment in your wholeness, and your wholeness supports wholeness for those in your care and in the wider community.

The Thread

The Thread is my online journal where I publish articles sharing my reflections and learning about parenting, ministering, and co-creating new possibilities for collective racial healing and liberation on the racial fault lines of a progressive, yet tragically racially divided community.