All parents want to be loving with our children, but sometimes they make it feel impossible. They disobey, bite and scratch, pull the dogs leg, slam the bedroom door, and refuse our food, the bathtub, the carseat, or homework. How can we possibly remain loving in these situations?

Parenting by Connection is a philosophy and a practice of parenting that says children function at their best when they feel deeply connected to their primary care givers. From a place of feeling connected, children are able to be independent, cooperative, empathetic, and both present and available for the rich learning that every moment in life offers.

Problems arise when children feel disconnected: when something in the present moment undermines their sense of security and closeness, children’s minds begin to panic. They can no longer access the part of their brains that can be rational and thoughtful. They are in an emotional tailspin.

Parenting by Connection teaches a very concrete set of listening tools to help kids stay connected longer, and perhaps even more important, helps them reconnect when they fall apart. These listening tools help children recover from upsets and regain their access to their full range of inner resources.

I support parents in the art of loving their children by teaching classes and offering private coaching. I have been certified to teach Parenting by Connection and to offer private coaching by Hand in Hand. Please contact me to register for classes or ask me questions.