My Breath Smells Weird

At least according to my ten year old, who announced this with a face pinched into disgust after I greeted her with a hug and a nuzzle this morning. Warm olives is the exact smell, she explained further, after pausing to reflect on the matter. “Weird” entered our life at age four, perhaps it had … Read more

Light Returns. Liberation Comes. Love Triumphs.

More rain is falling today and our lawn is almost electric green now, indicating that indeed, Spring has returned. The collective mood, festive.  This past week our Jewish friends were celebrating Passover. Today, we Christians celebrate Easter. I love when these three celebrations align so closely: evidence of Spring, Passover, Easter. It seems that everyone has reason to celebrate the spirit of renewal. … Read more

The capacity to be moved

I’m sorry, friends, I’ve not been writing. In all honesty, when I get a few moments to myself, all I can do is art. Above is a triptych inspiration board I am making using the left over scraps from other projects adhered to a cardboard box that arrived from Amazon with something or other we … Read more

Got gunk?

Dear fellow parent, Along with the usual gushing river of developments and details that we parents have to track all the time, these days there’s lots more pressing information coming at us–heavy duty difficult information, some of it calling for action. Do you feel overly full yet? Is your system full of gunk from all this? … Read more

Digestible Bites

Talking With Kids About Heavy Topics As parents are acutely aware, there are adult things to know about life and about our world, and then there are things suitable for kids. But there’s a lot of gray area in between. It’s always a judgment call, and it’s changing all the time. Slowly as babies become … Read more