Parent Leadership Coaching

Though it doesn’t often feel this way, every parent is a leader. Our children look to us and lean into us to make sense of the world, to process their life experiences, and to remain regulated so that they can be present and engaged with learning and life. Even on a peaceful day, in goods times, parents with young children are working hard to  be the the ground from which our kids can grow.
In times such as this, in the throes of pandemic, distance learning, and social isolation, many parents are struggling mightily to feel the ground under their own feet. 
What does it mean to be a parent leader in a time like this? First and foremost, my work with parents during this pandemic is about helping you find your own sense of ground and staying connected to it.
Secondarily, we look together at your unique children and family situation and figure out how to interpret and “triage” the needs that are presenting themselves to you through what might look like “bad behavior,” sleep disturbances, whining and crying, conflict with siblings, excessive screen time or other addictive behavior.
We are living through a time of collective trauma and it is impacting all children and all families.  The good news is that we know what helps children come through traumatic experiences with resilience: strong emotional connections with caring adults are the single most important factor in how well a child can bounce back from hardship. This is why my number one priority is helping you show up to be an emotional anchor for your kids in this time.
What it takes to anchor a child through a time such as this is no small thing, but you are the exact right person for the children in your care. I believe in you and in your leadership of your family. 
Am I the right parent coach for YOU?
I am accepting only a few new private parent leadership coaching clients in 2021. In deciding whether you think we are a good fit, please consider the following:
  • I teach parents how to be in Power With relationships with children as opposed to Power Over relationships. This is not the same as being permissive. Your children need you to be strong and clear about who you are, so that they can grow in their own power and good judgment as individuals.
  • Parent leadership coaching with me is not about learning “tips and tricks.” It’s about growing into the leader that only you can be for your kids. Working with me in this way is about becoming a healthier, more authentic you. Through our work, you come to understand more clearly your own values and your own value.
  • When I enter into this work with you, please know that I take the commitment as a sacred covenant. You do not need to share my faith tradition or my religious views, but please do know that I hold you and your family with reverence. I invest in the families I work with, and I ask the same of you. The quality of my relationship with you as a parent has a direct impact on the presence you bring to your leadership of your family.
  • I have worked with hundreds of families over the past decade. My approach is relational and long term. Once we have worked together, I will do my best to be available to support you if you need to come back in the future for a family tune up.
  •  I was originally trained and certified by Hand in Hand Parenting and I still teach parents the Parenting by Connection (PbC) paradigm and Listening Tools. Since originally becoming certified by HiH about a decade ago, I have grown in my work with parents to become increasingly trauma-informed, focused on parent leadership development, and understanding each family in the context of the other social systems and locations that shape your life.
If you would like to explore the possibility of working with me as a parent leadership coach, please email me at with “Parent Leadership Coaching” in the subject line.  Please tell me a few sentences about yourself, your family, the key issues you are dealing with, and what you hope for out of our work together. If I do not think I am the right person to support you, I am happy to help connect you with other professionals who can help. If I think we might be a good fit, we will schedule an initial appointment and set up a schedule from there.

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