Community Leaders

CommunityLeaders Community Leaders

You are the leader of your life, your family, and now (or perhaps soon) you are a leader for a circle of children and/or parents beyond your home.

You have taken the introductory Parenting by Connection Class and continue to use the Listening Tools, as well as other practices, to support connection, first in your family, and then in the broader communities of your life.

From your family on out, you are holding so much in these spheres of your life!

This group is here to support you in all you do as a leader–from the most intimate sphere to the most public.

To read about the history of this group, click here.

Class Dates in 2015

January 4, 10-12 noon

February 15, 10-12 noon

March 15, 10-12 noon

April 12, 10-12 noon

May 10, 10-12 noon
If you are interested in joining this group, email Angela and let’s talk about it!

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