Heartsight Healing Sessions

The healing work I do with individuals is grounded in my life as an engaged-contemplative, and informed by my formal training (and ordination) as a christian minister and informal training in energy and earth-based spiritual healing traditions.

I see deeply into the heart of individual and collective human systems, often receiving information and support from the “benevolent beyond” to help people understand, heal, and realign in ways that create deeper more satisfying living. People sometimes say they experience me as “psychic” although that word has never appealed to me. I am a seer with the eyes of my heart.

Sessions with me are usually surprising. I hold holy space, listen deeply, and tell you what comes. Sometimes I shift energy for you with my mind, heart or hands (from a distance), and sometimes I teach you a tool, a perspective or practice that you can take into your life to further the healing work.

I believe that every life has deep and broad layers of meaning, profound purpose, and worth beyond measure. 

It is a great joy and a delight to get to be welcomed to see into who you are and get to support your becoming.

One-time sessions are $150 for 45 minutes.

You can pay for a one time session here.

For deepest healing, and a reset on your relationship to your inner life, I offer a 3-month energy attunement package for $600. After an initial 45 minutes intake session, we meet by phone every other week for 20-30 minutes. In between sessions, I hold a line to you, pray for you, and can be available via text for quick tune-ups. At the conclusion of the 3 months, our final session is 45 minutes at which point we review and seal in the healing, and consider whether to continue working together in this way. This three-month energy attunement package is $600 or $200/month.

To pay for a 3-month energy attunement package, go here.

Interested Heartsight Healing Session with me? I only work with a few private clients at a time. If you are interested in exploring whether we are a good fit, please email me at ajernigan@gmail.com with “Heartsight Sessions” in the subject line. Tell me a bit about yourself and what you hope for out of Heartsight Sessions with me. If I sense that I may be able to be of support to you, we will email to schedule and arrange payment.

What others are saying:

“Angela’s intuitive sense and ability to relay meaningful information about one’s life and healing path is truly exceptional. I have experienced her work myself and am completely blown away.” – Amy B. Scher, bestselling Author and Energy Therapist

“I have known and worked with Angela over the past couple of years.  Her extensive background as a Christian minister,  parenting coach and community leader inform her grounded and spiritual approach. Each session is utterly unique based on current energies and what your soul is ready to tap into next. I always leave with unexpected but much needed nuggets that provide just the right support I need for the next steps of my journey.

“All in all, her keen insights combined with her unique intuitive gifts are a powerful healing combination that is rare to find.  I highly recommend adding Angela to your support team.  Her work will be an invaluable adjunct to any other healing work you are doing.”
Ginger Nelson
, Energy Therapist