Portal to the Inner Realm: Preparing a Junk Journal Cover to Welcome You Home

“Your junk journal is a place just for you,” I tell my Junk Journaling for Resilience (JJ4R) students, “and every part of you belongs here.” This emphasis on building a place of self-belonging is vitally important when we engage in artistic practices as healing practices. In a sense, cultivating self-belonging is one of the key … Read more

My Breath Smells Weird

At least according to my ten year old, who announced this with a face pinched into disgust after I greeted her with a hug and a nuzzle this morning. Warm olives is the exact smell, she explained further, after pausing to reflect on the matter. “Weird” entered our life at age four, perhaps it had … Read more

Light Returns. Liberation Comes. Love Triumphs.

More rain is falling today and our lawn is almost electric green now, indicating that indeed, Spring has returned. The collective mood, festive.  This past week our Jewish friends were celebrating Passover. Today, we Christians celebrate Easter. I love when these three celebrations align so closely: evidence of Spring, Passover, Easter. It seems that everyone has reason to celebrate the spirit of renewal. … Read more

Body Image

In the episode Angela and Niels talk about the ways in which advertising keeps assaulting our sense of ourselves. A small simple example of the check out aisle at the grocery story has important consequences. We also talk about some simple actions that you might take and ask you if you’re interested in organized action. … Read more