Teaching Empathy

When my daughter was two, we were making our usual visit to the Thursday afternoon Farmer’s Market in Berkeley when we encountered another toddler having a temper tantrum on the lawn. The toddler’s mother was desperately trying to get the child off the grass–where she was wailing and kicking–and back into her stroller. The mom … Read more

Developing the Inner Moral Compass

Children have sharp inner moral compasses. When we ask them to overlook experiences of injustice–large or small–by “being nice,” remaining silent, or making things more convenient, we are scrambling this critical ability to detect and respond powerfully when things aren’t right. In Learning to be White: Money, Race and God in America, Unitarian Universalist minister … Read more

Let’s Talk About Sex

When my daughter was 4, one evening at the end of a very long day… Just when I thought she was about to fall asleep, she said, “Mama, how did I get in your belly?” I did not feel prepared for this conversation. I searched my mind and seemed to recall something I had read … Read more

The Old House

Saying good-bye to our old house It was mid-October and we had been in the new house for about 8 weeks. My daughter LOVED the new house. She had her own room with a bunk bed, a tree house, a hot tub… and a big yard to play in every day. Except for the evening … Read more