Light Returns. Liberation Comes. Love Triumphs.

More rain is falling today and our lawn is almost electric green now, indicating that indeed, Spring has returned. The collective mood, festive.  This past week our Jewish friends were celebrating Passover. Today, we Christians celebrate Easter.

I love when these three celebrations align so closely: evidence of Spring, Passover, Easter. It seems that everyone has reason to celebrate the spirit of renewal. We so need it. There might come a time when hope is pervasive enough, liberation reigns for all formerly oppressed peoples, and love is the ruling order of the day. Perhaps then we won’t need these ritual reminders to pause and look for the good–because it will be so evident in every face, in every institution, in every day. We are not there yet.

However you celebrate, do celebrate. Wherever in your life you can catch a glimpse of hope, or freedom, or compassion: celebrate it. Savor it.

Especially as parents–burdened as we are with so many heavy responsibilities–our minds get trained on noticing what hasn’t gotten done yet, what we failed to do well, what needs are still unmet.

You deserve to celebrate how much Love you have lavished, how much Hope you feel when you consider the bright light your child is in the happier moments, and just how much Liberation you feel… Even if only once they are all tucked in and you finally get a moment to exhale.

You are amazing, fellow parent. Catch yourself being amazing today, catch someone else being amazing, and celebrate.

You are raising a beautiful little human. And he or she is in turn, bringing out something wonderful in you.

Today, I celebrate you and your family.

In love, light and liberation.


P.S. Our most recent podcast is up! It’s exploring body image, and how to help your daughter love her body (yes, especially in this political climate). Let me know what you think!

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