Mother Daughter Art

Mother-Daughter Mixed-Media Explorative Art Class

Open to moms and daughters ages 5-7

Small class size (limited to 6 mother-daughter pairs for each class)

When: Sundays in July, 1:30-3PM (July 9, 16, 23, 30)

Cost: $35 per class (come for only one, two, three or four classes–just sign up in advance to reserve your spot!)

Class Description

Please join us for a special mother-daughter afternoon of art, connection, and creative play!

Bring your 5-6 year old daughter and together you will practice listening inwardly to find the colors, shapes, textures, and symbols that you and your daughter want to see on the page. You will create side-by-side, with mothers following daughters’ lead.

This fun creative process is not only a chance to explore a deliciously tactile range of mixed-media art supplies, it is also a chance to develop intuitive awareness and artistic vision. Together you can start a new mixed media piece each week, or add layers to the same piece over several classes.

In a world that asks girls to adapt to external expectations and the opinions of others, this mini-class is designed to keep your girl rooted to her inner sense of knowing. By following her lead, mothers get to practice being an ally as our girls listen to and develop their own inner wisdom.

While a process-oriented class rather than a product-oriented one, the end result will likely be a piece of art that your daughter cherishes and that you both want to keep as a momento of a special time together.

Come and enjoy a delightful time of creativity, connection, and community with your wonderful girl!

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