Parent Tribe

When:  Wednesday evenings 7-9 in July/August on the following dates: July 12, 19, 26, August 2, and 9.

Where: The “tree house studio” at 2428 Jefferson Ave.

Cost: $45 per session


Summertime is rich with fun and adventure when raising kids, but it can also be an extra labor-intensive season for already hard-working parents.

If you anticipate you might need some added support this summer, you might want to sign up in advance for one or more of our Parent Tribe sessions.

This group is designed for those parents who have taken an intro level course or coaching with Angela or Niels and/or those parents who are familiar with the listening partnership practice taught by Hand-in-Hand parenting. It will be a chance to off load some of your own stress from long days of juggling the needs of little ones and connect with other like-minded parents in a safe, confidential setting.

If you are new to my practice, I invite you to look into my coaching offering.

Interested in a place where you can tell it how it really is at your house those summer? We welcome what’s alive and real and needs to be seen for parents of young children.

Sign up in advance to reserve your listening spot in one or more of the above dates.

Don’t go it alone! Connected brains work best!

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