Progressive Politics, Spirituality and Parenting

Welcome to the Parents’ Way Podcast, where we invite you to a conversation about progressive politics, spirituality and parenting.

Here is our first episode.

In this episode, Angela and Niels talk about their ideas for this podcast, and why we feel it is necessary. There is very little space for parents to discuss politics and spirituality especially when you are progressive. Even now, the conservative right has monopolized the space where we can discuss and value the family in public. And we don’t much care for what they have to say.

And this podcast talks about the times of Trump. How do we respond? What should our stance be? This episode touches on these issues, but that is what we want to keep talking about in the weeks and months ahead.

It’s our first episode. We felt it’s a bit slow getting started, but it picks up after about ten minutes. And we’ll work on that issue in the coming weeks. Join us.

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