“I took the Parenting By Connection class 1.5 years ago and was amazed by the power of this philosophy. This is not just a run-of-the-mill “learn some new 1-2-3 discipline techniques” kind of parenting class. It completely altered my understanding of how we can help our children heal, and how that healing and connection actually dissolves so many behavioral problems. I saw into the reasons behind my children’s behavior so much more clearly and came away with actual concrete tools that I still use today.

And the best part is Angela, who teaches the class. I imagine taking a Parenting By Connection class with anyone would be transformational, but I would jump at the chance to take it with her. She doesn’t miss a beat – she totally “gets it” – and you feel swept up and surrounded with love and support in the way she teaches, answers questions and builds up a community of parent support around the class. It’s seriously good stuff.”

– Kristen Brooks, Berkeley

“Angela is a gifted and committed parent educator who helped me grow in my parenting.   She embodies the compassionate listening that she teaches and provides concrete tools that transform daily parenting struggles into empowering moments of growth for parents and children.  I have seen Angela work in diverse groups finding ways to meet each parent where they are with love and reassurance.”

– Rev. Adam Blons, Berkeley

“When I first started the class, it felt like my son was fighting me on everything, and I didn’t know how to respond to his really challenging behaviors. I learned through the course a way of reframing what was happening for him—that he was trying to communicate something important with me—and it gave me new ways to respond. He is more cooperative now and I feel more spacious and accepting of him when he has big feelings. It was also normalizing to hear what other parents shared, and helped me feel less isolated myself.”

– Nancy Harrington, Oakland

“Angela is tremendous teacher and gifted facilitator. She communicates complex ideas in a simple, clear fashion. She also models and demonstrates the concepts she teaches in a way that brings them to life. But, her greatest gift is the expansive heart she has for children and for the challenge parents face in raising children in the complex world we live in today. Anyone taking her classes will feel that they have a compassionate ally in Angela.”

– Jon Rubenstein, Berkeley