The Political Lives of Children

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The Political Lives of Children

This is episode 2 of The Parents’ Way Podcast. In this episode we talk about the deep sense of justice and fairness that our children come into the world with. This may sound as a challenge and it often is. Children may name things unfair when they simply don’t remember certain things and we tell a story about that.

But by and large, children know very well what is asked of them and how what is asked of them is not honoring them fully, and not is not honoring their own sense of fairness and justice.

We ask parents to consider ways in which they can come alongside their children, stand in solidarity with their children, and stick up for them if and when that is called for.

Raising children who understand justice, fairness and solidarity really begins by honoring their sense of these values. In this day and age, we feel that raising justice minded children is an urgent task for all parents—and it helps family life go better too.

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